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If you are looking to convert your paper files to a digital format, we offer affordable, high-quality document scanning solutions at your offices, or at a premier document scanning facility in Dallas. Our services include document scanning, medical records imaging and storage, offsite document storage, and more. Get a free quote today!

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Do you want easy access to your documents?  How about the chance to save time and money?  You can achieve both by utilizing a document scanning service and offsite records management by Dallas Scanning and Records.

Dallas Scanning & Records offers a quick and easy transition to a paperless office. We provide quotes on secure scanning and offsite records storage services at competitive prices anywhere in the Metroplex.

We specialize in high-volume or continuous scanning services for any size business. We have local experts that are ready to help- they can handle any size scanning project and provide you with a free, customized quote.

Converting files to a digital format allows employees to find information faster and optimize their document management processes. We’ll complete your project quickly, correctly and on time every time, giving your employees the ability to get whatever information they need fast.

We offer secure scanning services for the healthcare industry and any businesses located throughout Dallas. To get free, no obligation quotes on document scanning and medical records scanning or storage today, fill out the form or give us a call at (214) 613-1576.

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Available Services at Dallas Scanning and Records


From traditional documents to microfiche/microfilm and large-format scanning, we handle all forms of data conversion.


With secure Bellevue record storage facilities, save precious office space used for storing documents in-house while keeping them safe and secure in climate-controlled environments.

Medical Records Scanning & Storage

Specialized scanning solutions for healthcare and medical records. Scan medical records to cut down paper storage costs, and provide protection from theft or misplacement.

Paperless Office Conversion

Easily access and manage your digital documents while saving money used for document storage using an electronic document management system (EDMS).